Batman v Superman: 7 Things We Learned From The Movie

3) There are metahumans we haven’t even seen yet


Lex has plainly gotten his work done. As observed on both Batman and Wonder Woman’s screens, the records on metahumans are broad and various; Deborah Snyder prods the likelihood that there are numerous more we are yet to meet. “[Lex] has been doing lots of research on every one of them. Possibly there are records on individuals that we don’t know yet…” Since there are more than 10,000 superheroes that exist in the first DC funnies, hope to see no less than a modest bunch of them make it to the extra large screen soon.

4) Jimmy Olsen’s death is designed to set the tone4

Jimmy Olsen – yes, that Jimmy Olsen, Daily Planet photojournalist Jimmy Olsen – shows up in the film, regardless of whether you understood. He is in truth the picture taker/CIA operator in the Nairomiseries, immediately dispatched by Lex’s fear mongers, and never named.

In the expanded ‘Extreme Edition,’ coming to Blu-beam, he calls himself by name – part of a much bigger scene that must be cut for time. Snyder needed to incorporate (and execute off) the character from the earliest starting point. “I needed to do the passing of Jimmy Olsen as a method for setting yourself up for the world that you would enter,” he clarifies.

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