5 Times Batman And Joker Became Allies To Take On A Supervillain

Joker and Batman are the black and white sides of everything they indulge in. They are being steered through different goals and they go beyond the rule of law to get things done. Joker is always looking to rebel, while Batman is always striving to get justice. Both of having their own solo missions, but together they are more than that. Well, we are going to bring you five times Batman and Joker teamed up to work towards a single goal.

1. When they beat Penguin


In The Brave and the Bold #191, Batman breaks his code towards Gotham city and joins hands with his evil adversary. And then Joker asks Batman if it would matter who really caught the Penguin. And then Dark Knight joins hand with him and proceed to take on him. In between, Penguin fakes his death in order to capture Catholic Cardinal.They find him hiding in a nun’s costume and that’s when they catch him.

2. Virus Infection


It is impossible to think of when two opposite characters who like to kill each other get into a friendly bond with each “due to a virus”. Yes, that is the case with Them. They actually set out on a vacation in Batman: Europa, from Gotham City to Berlin, Paris, Prague and Rome. Can’t do anything, comic books are like this. The more serious they get, the more they hallucinated and more they bonded.

3. When they beat Owlman


In The Brave and the Bold, Batman and Joker joined hand together to taken on Owl Man, when he escaped the Batcave and stole bat mobile, tarnishing the image of the dark Knight in the Gotham city. In the episode Game Over for Owlman, Joker gets excited and tell Batman that they could be a great team. But Batman keeps riding his vehicle in silence by turning the marquee to Batman and Joker. They caught Owl Man and beat him down.

4. When they turn as Siamese twins


This is weird. With the help of sentient satellite, Brother Eye, Batman and Joker turns into Bat-Joker. Eye merged the Batman’s intelligence and Joker’s devilish character. The fused beings were created to guard the End Future timeline and killing Terry McGinnis. Later, the both struggle to maintain their individual charters with Joker embracing his wickedness and Batman resisting the partnership.

5. Alexander Luthor’s killing

batman and joker

The moment Nightwing was killed by Alexander Luthor, Batman locates the Luthor’s son and take him at the gun point. Batman holds his gun a few millimeters from his head and then Wonder Woman appears on the scene and asks him to spare the boy. After some time, Joker jumps in the scene, points the gun and shoots the boy.

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