5 Least Accurate Superhero Movie Costumes

3) Mystique


She wears different outfits when she’s taking on the appearance of other individuals, and in X-Men: Apocalypse, Jennifer Lawrence donned a fight suit while collaborated with the X-Men. In any case, better believe it when she’s simply her plain old self, Mystique in the X-Men motion pictures is stripped. Bryan Singer made this call beginning with the first X-Men flick, where Rebecca Romijn played the blue shape-shifter while brandishing eight hours worth of cosmetics and prosthetics.

It’s on this rundown since Singer’s choice to have the character forego dress — supposedly a matter of rationale: why might she have to wear garments? — denoted a radical change from how Mystique shows up in the comics.

4) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes


This real redesign was the primary Ninja Turtles flick to breath life into the leading quartet to life utilizing photograph realistic CGI (yes, much PC produced characters have ensembles). What’s more, in making an interpretation of their appearance to elevated levels of “CGI authenticity,” fans felt that executive Jonathan Liebesman took things too far. He built up the characters, gave them a wide range of particular adornments (Donatello wears silly interwoven eyeglasses, for instance), and to top it all off: he adapted their appearances.

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