This Villain May Be The Thanos Of MCU’s Phase 4

Thanos lurked in the shadows of every MCU movie in Phase 1 and 2, sending out the message that he would be causing some trouble very soon. It has been confirmed that he would be playing the massive of a villain in Avengers: Infinity Stone and that’s no doubt a one stop shop for the Titan king to wave goodbye to any appearance in the next phase. So that begs the question of who the next big villain will be for Phase 4.
The latest Marvel offering Doctor Strange may give a clue of who that may be. In the last scene of the movie, Strange’s long time nemesis from the comic Dormammu make a small appearance but an impressionable one. Even Doctor Strange who is the Sorcerer Supreme has trouble defeating him or it. The audience is informed by the Doctor  that Dormammu has always wanted to enter into the Earth’s realm and take over it.
The comics depicted Dormammu as being an all powerful being that has faced many Marvel characters including Thanos, Thor, The Hulk, Fantastic Four and of course Doctor Strange. It is unknown exactly how ancient he is, as he inhabits a wholly alien realm, separate from the rest of the Marvel Universe, that defies the laws of physics as understood on Earth.He has been described as being worse than a demon and being more stronger than any mystical entity within the Marvel realm.
thanos mcu villain
Dormammu will have a long time to fester in the MCU if he is anything like Thanos, and the character has been known to be very patient for his plans to come to action. Marvel has only entered its Phase 3 with a slew of movies to be released soon. There are a new Guardians Of The Galaxy:Vol 2, Thor: Ragnarok, Antman and The Wasp and Captain Marvel along with the concluding Avenger films. If Dormammu will be the next villain, expect to see him lurking post credits or being all round nasty in a scene or two.
Thor: Ragnarok’s villain Hela is another contender to become Marvel’s next big villain. She is the Asgardian goddess of Death, so the realm of possibilities for her to do damage to the Marvel world is endless. She teamed up with Dormammu and other demons in the comic Chaos World, being all-powerful entities that were causing major damage. But this may be less likely as Hela has been touted to play Death in Avengers: Infinity War.
Infinity War will concentrate on Thanos obsession to bring death and destruction to the known universe, using the Infinity Stones. Death is the reason for Thanos obsession. The king falls in love with Death and hopes that his plan of bringing enough souls for Death to bring back to the underworld would be a good chance for a reciprocation of his love.

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