Joe Manganiello Reveals New Details About Upcoming Batman Solo Film

The upcoming Batman movie had gained more speculation than it bargained for when a Warner Bros. CEO declared that the solo movie will be coming sooner than later. Ben Affleck, who, apart from starring will also be writing, directing and producing also got into hot water after he told a reporter the current title of the solo movie was The Batman which he quickly retracted a few days later. The film has become so secretive that its hard to believe which facts are actually true.


One rumor that did turn out to be true is the casting of Joe Manganiello as the upcoming film’s supervillain Deathstroke. And the actor may have slipped an important detail about The Batman. The actor, while being interviewed by ET mentioned that the film will start shooting in spring 2017. The actor’s words seem to be a contradiction to what was earlier statement ( that the movie would be out in 18 months) but seems to go hand in hand with Ben Afflecks statements.


Affleck had previously talked about how the script writing was still in its early stages. If filming begins production in spring 2017, then it would be in the possibility of debuting in 2018. DCEU has been making changes in how long their shoots will take. Man Of Steel was filmed in May 2014 and was released in March 2016 while Suicide Squad took a shorter route. It started its filming in April 2015 and was released in August 2016.

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A quick release could also be a big risk again for DCEU, as all its films have faced a multitude of criticism from fans and critics alike. Affleck , however, has proved himself to be a capable screen writer (Good Will Hunting) and director (Argo), so maybe the studio has entrusted the actor to give the new film the lift it needs.

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