Avengers Infinity War: A MAJOR Marvel Superhero Is All Set To Join The War!

Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading through the Phase that may hold the record for pulling together the most number of superheroes to join one film. The studio has made no official statement of whom these heroes may be, so fans and media have speculated who they may be. It seems like The Avengers will definitely have an ally in Infinity War. That person is Marvel’s Phase 3 newcomer Doctor Strange. doctor strange

Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor who plays the Doctor gave a very interesting statement that proved of Strange’s involvement in Infinity War. At a London press event for Doctor Strange, Cumberbatch was asked the question that all Marvel fans are hoping for: Will Doctor Strange Be in Infinity War? This was the actor’s answer:

 “There’s so much going on in this film [Doctor Strange]. There’s such a great story arc, there are so many great challenges for me, as an actor, in every department, from wirework to kung fu to great dialogue scenes with the most incredible cast and great characters. [I] put it on the back-burner that I was playing a superhero… At the premiere, which was the first time I’d seen the film, and – I won’t spoil it for you – but there’s a moment near the end where I thought, ‘Oh yeah, that’s it, he’s a superhero, he’s going to be an Avenger,’ so that’s really cool.”


The actor, however, does not give any confirmation of what kind of role Doctor Strange will play in the movie. The character has dealt with the mystical and supernatural realms of Marvel while The Avengers have defended earth from extraterrestrial threats. Infinity War is expected to join the two worlds together, with every character in the MCU being involved one way or the other to be ally or fighter to Thanos, the mad Titan king who uses the Infinity Gauntlet to destroy the universe to impress Death.


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