Justice League Snyder Cut is Closer To Its Release Than Ever

Justice League Snyder Cut Closer To Release:

For 3 years, Justice League Snyder Cut has not been more than a pipe dream for us ardent fans. But it is not that anymore. It is not some myth created by the fans for wanting a better Justice League movie than we got at the theatres. Zack Snyder himself made sure of letting people know that not only does his exclusive cut of the film exist, but it is a massive 214 minutes long. What we got was not even a complete 120 minutes, and since Joss Whedon reshot a lot of scenes, even those 120 minutes contain about 40% of Whedon’s footage. So there’s actually more than 2 hours worth of Snyder’s footage that we have not seen. And things are now looking better than ever.

Jason Momoa Teased the Release of Justice League

It is apparent that Snyder wants his film to be seen by the fans. He is fighting for it just as hard as the fans. He had a vision for the Justice League that began from Man of Steel & would’ve ended with Justice League 3. After getting the ultimate edition of Batman V Superman and finding out that the Justice League movie we got was not even close to what we were supposed to get, the fans rallied. They showed their trust in Snyder’s vision when WB had lost interest in it. And now things are changing for the better.

Justice League Snyder Cut Closer To Release

Things have been changing ever since Snyder started to take an active role in getting his cut of the movie out. Now we’re in the third year since Justice League came out, and it is good to see that neither Snyder nor the fans are letting go of the Snyder Cut. WB had no interest in releasing this film, not in theatres, not on VOD and not even on their upcoming streaming service HBO Max. But that could change because a new report from Heroic Hollywood suggests that Zack Snyder held a private screening of his JL cut in the first quarter of 2020. WB’s top executives were present in the audience.

Snyder has shown his film to many people and all we’ve heard about it is that it is nothing less than awesome. Jason Momoa called it “ssssickkkk” last year. Many other actors (including Dave Bautista) have seen the film. And now, rumor suggests that the executives of AT&T (the owners of WarnerMedia) have apparently loved the Snyder Cut and the judgement of WB execs has been rendered pointless. AT&T obviously intends to release the Snydercut on HBO Max.

Justice League Snyder Cut Closer To Release

It is not just this twitter user who has claimed this, but also Youtuber Grace Randolph has agreed to this fact. And Furthermore, there’s another rumor that we will actually see or teaser for the Snyder cut on May 27 along with the launch of the HBO MAX streaming service. Zack Snyder teased that a bit of footage was still left to shoot for his cut. So we believe that it could happen later this year. If the reports about the release of the Snyder cut are true, then It might be a priority to release the movie on HBO Max within this year. That’s because streaming services are on a rise due to the Corona virus pandemic and HBO MAX does not really have a lot of new exclusive content to offer until 2021.

The reports of the Snyder cut’s release are still to be taken as a grain of salt, but simply because of the fact that a screening has taken place, we should believe that something is happening behind the scenes. And that something is favorable for the fans.

Justice League Snyder Cut Closer To Release

Here’s everything we will get to see if the Snyder cut does happen:

Black suit Superman

Much better action and story arc for Batman.

More from Atlantis and Aquaman.

Much more fleshed out backstory for Cyborg.

A bit of an origin story for the Flash (Not how he got his powers, but a tease of the chemistry he will have with Iris.)

What time travel sequence from the flash?

Martian Manhunter


Let’s hope that the rumors about the Snyder cut do turn out to be true because we cannot wait anymore than this year.

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