5 Superheroes Who Are Vulnerable To Their Own Powers

We believe in a notion that superheroes can’t be beaten unless they face off somebody with greater powers. They frolic through the slightest gaps, reach everywhere in a flick and possess gravity challenging powers. We often hear people saying that “Deadpool can’t be beaten” and “Wolverine can’t be beaten”. Well, you might not know that in spite of having superpowers, they somewhere at some point are vulnerable to certain weaknesses. So here, we are counting down on five weaknesses of superheroes.

1. Venom and the high-pitch frequency


Venom is vulnerable to high-pitched frequency. In one of the scenes in Spider-Man 3, when Spider-Man fights with Venom, he bashes two metal rods causing high-pitch sound. Exposed to high-pitch sonic frequency, the symbiotic suit becomes weak.

2. Iron Man and his heart


Inside his heavy unbreakable Iron Mna suit, Tony Star is a normal human being from the inside. Due to a chest injury, Stark used arc reactor to keep his heart alive and functioning. The device requires frequent charging and a lot of care.

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