4 Phenomenal Avengers We Would Love To See In MCU

There are several Marvel characters who are coming through movies, comic book and television like Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Captain Marvel, Ghost Rider etc. Now there is a huge scope of possibilities of Marvel characters in the way they are represented in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among that Avengers is one if the successful crossovers we have ever seen in the history of Marvel. Here, we are counting on four Avengers who should appear in MCU.

1. Tigra



Tigra has been a part of several incarnations of Avengers, but the charter only manages to get only one appearance outside the comics, that in the 1990s animated series called The Avengers: United They Stand. It’s been quite a while now and we think she should get a shot as an Avenger now. Outside of the what her character is, she has an impressive body design. The half animal and half human would definitely be bringing a new taste among Avengers.

2. Monica Rambeau


Earlier known as Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau once was the leader of the Avengers. Besides her appearances with different names in comics, she has yet to become a part of MCU. She has the ability to transform herself into any kind of energy and this definitely she would be a worthy element in any if the future MCU movies.

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