5 Unbelievable Facts: How Music Governs Our Mind And Body

Not just one but many great authors, philosophers, lyricists, poets, musicians, singers, and scientists who have ever lived on this planet, have discovered it so correctly that there can be no other best companion than music is!

“Music is not just an art; it is the fuel for a soul.
It replenishes and rejuvenates, it soothes, it flows
and it forms every time, a world so magnificent!”

Even before you read how music affects your brain and body, you might have, unconsciously, already experienced it!

Here are 5 unbelievable facts how music works on our body and mind.

Increase work efficiency


Irrespective of the music genre you enjoy whether it is jazz, rock, classical or any other form, if you listen to it, you tend to perform better. But the trick here is that you need to “enjoy that genre!” whichever you are listening to!

Many people have already adopted this practice at their workplace.

Improve reasoning skills


Perplexed? How can music increase our reasoning skills?

Well, people and children who undergo musical training tend to develop a better vocabulary and nonverbal reasoning skills, which involve understanding and analyzing visual information, such as identifying relationships, similarities, and differences between shapes and patterns.

Enhance creativity


Neither high noise levels nor low noise levels but moderate noise level help enhance our creativity level. Ambient noise apparently gets creative juices flowing in our mind which allow us to think freely. The way this works is that moderate noise levels increase processing difficulty which promotes abstract processing, leading to higher creativity.

Recall memories


Ever happened to you that certain song brought back to you the essence of a beautiful memory?

When you enjoy music, dopamine chemical gets released in your brain which is responsible and is connected to our memory section; thus, creating flashbacks and associations with the music.

Musical chills


When music goes in the direction which is unexpected, like a key change or note change; you might experience skin sensation. Scientists call it “skin orgasm”. These are physical sensations which are good for your skin!

Isn’t music so unpredictable?
Were we even aware of the facts that it brings about so many changes in our mood, our body, and brain?
And music is still so selfless!
Adopt it into your life as your best companion, it will always comfort you like a book.

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