What Did Robert Downey Jr. Just Send Chris Pratt?

Last year saw the rise of an old but beloved franchise that was helmed by Steven Speilberg. Jurassic World, a sequel to Jurassic Park ruled the summer box office and raked in $1.67 billion worldwide, making it one of the biggest hits of 2015. The movie focused on Jurassic World, a luxury resort off the coast of Costa Rica which holds a habitat for genetically engineered dinosaurs.The fictional place shows how humans have taken for granted dinosaurs existence and demand to see something more unique, which results in the creation of a hybrid that causes chaos around the island.Chris Pratt played the hero of the movie, Owen who trained the Raptors who were bred in captivity.

Robert Downey Jr. Sent Chris Pratt The Greatest 'Jurassic World' Meme

The movie holds a famous scene where Pratt calms down disturbed raptors by showing them that he is their alpha or leader. The scene was so popular amongst fans, especially zoo keepers that it launched thousands upon thousands of memes imitating that very famous scene. Zookeepers around the world copied the image with the hashtag #JurassicZoo, using the meme to tame rheas, chickens, dolphins, stuffed animals and even walruses. Pratt even recreated the scene with kids last month, when he visited a children’s hospital. And now, it looks like Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. will also join that very enthusiastic group.

Downey Jr. posted a picture mash-up of Jurassic World and Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron on his Twitter account. The picture shows Owen trying to calm down Iron Man, Captain America and Thor in place of the raptors. Downey Jr. captioned the photo: “This might get out of hand, @PrattPrattPratt…” Pratt has yet to answer back.



Downey Jr. has been in the news lately with rumors that he may not come back to reprise the role of Iron Man for the fourth time due to financial differences. But posting a picture poking fun at the Avengers may be small proof that the star is not tired of seeing himself as Iron Man and may still put on that famous suit once more. robert downey chris pratt

Or maybe its just a comradery that has taken place between Pratt and him, as Avengers: Infinity Wars is likely to feature Pratt’s alter ego Star Lord from Guardians Of The Galaxy fighting with the famous Marvel superhero.

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