Iron Man 4: Here’s What We Know Till Now

A lot has been going around with Iron Mon 4 if Robert Downey Jr. would or would not be a part of Iron man 4. Well here’s some news that we’ve heard – after Spiderman Homecoming we can expect Robert Downey Jr. to return to the big screen in Iron Man 4.

iron man 4

However, from what we know, RDJ is still waiting for that great script to come along before he’s convinced to don his Iron Man suit. Supposedly, the next Iron man movie would have some guilt-ridden aspect with Tony Stark.


Think about it – right after the big fight with Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War, we can expect Tony to feel a little guilty about the way things turned out. Knowing Tony, he would only want to make things right and get the team back together before they face the big bad villain in Avengers: Infinity Wars.


And the only way Tony can rid his guilt is by investing in Spiderman and making him reach his full potential as a human being. In short, Spiderman: Homecoming, we can see Tony Stark emotionally adopt Peter Parker. Comic books have seen a long standing relation between Spiderman and Iron Man so what better way than to continue that relation onscreen as well.

Now here what we have – with the blending of Spiderman universe (and a big universe I must say with their own set of characters); we can see the return of Norman Osborn. However, it would be more of Norman Osborn Vs Tony Stark.


This being the fourth installment of Iron Man movie, we can expect something really big. Like the introduction of the new and young Avengers. Alternately, the movie might turn out to be a small movie with fewer characters. Where we would see Tony Stark on a psychological journey. But then, this all depends on how his role is chalked out in the Spiderman: Homecoming movie.

So far we are convinced that this time Iron Man 4 would not be a complete solo movie, but we would see other Avengers in bits and pieces. With the main plot of the movie revolving around Iron Man.


It would be unlikely for the movie to release in the next few years with so many movies happening in Phase 3. One can only expect the next Iron Man solo movie to enter the Marvel Universe in Phase 4. Wait and watch!

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