Will DC get it right with Justice League Dark?

DC Extended Universe has rolled out three movies up till now since its inception with Man of Steel in 2013 and has received harsh critic reviews to the dismay of DC loyalists. Even the viewership is divided on the debate about the execution of projects and relatability to the source material. On the other hand, Marvel Cinematic Universe is changing its course after cashing in on somewhat iterated plotlines with the introduction of characters like Black Panther and Doctor Strange. MCU is all set to delve deep into the world of mysticism with Doctor Strange and DC is leaving no stone unturned to explore its supernatural universe as well with the projects related to justice League dark.

justice league dark

For the uninitiated, Justice League Dark is a DC superhero team-up which appeared for the first time in Justice League Dark #1 and the original line-up consisted of John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, shade, the changing man and Zatanna, handling situations deemed unfit for traditional Justice League. DC animated universe has already started a trend of introducing its universally less known projects as a build up to their live-action depictions with the introduction the Suicide Squad through Batman: Assault on Arkham in 2014 .

Though the live-action adaptation was reportedly under works since 2013 under the directorial guidance of  Guillermo del Toro(Pacific Rim, Hellboy 1&2),an animated movie was confirmed  first during the San-Diego comic con under the guidance of director Jay Oliva(Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1&2).The animation line-up would star Matt Ryan as Constantine ,Camilla Luddington as Zatanna,Nicholas Turturro as Deadman,Ray chase as Etrigan the demon whereas Swamp thing and Black orchid are also confirmed to feature in the movie. With this huge ensemble, Jason O’ Mara’s reiteration of batman is included in the line-up, which comes as a pleasant surprise to the fans.

Here’s a sneak peak video of the animated Justice league Dark Movie.


Talking about the Live-action project, it was reported that the developed script was ready for pre-production with the title Heaven Sent in 2012 .The movie was supposed to focus on John Constantine who would go on to recruit  Swamp Thing, Etrigan the Demon, Deadman, Spectre, and Zatanna. With the ongoing TV series Featuring Constantine during 2014, the makers suggested that the movie would be kept separate from the extended universe until the project seems quantifiable, even though the casting of TV series actor (Matt Ryan) as the titular character was possible. After prolonged delays, it was reported by The Hollywood Reporter during last month that a Justice league Dark Live action movie would be made within the extended universe. Doug Liman (Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow) was attached to the project as the director with the project titled as Dark Universe.

Most of these characters have not been introduced on the silver screen or on animation front excluding the take on Constantine in the 2005 movie and the TV Series spanning for a brief single season. The movie in 2005 was popular among fanboys but it didn’t make a positive impression on the critics and swayed from the source material by casting Keanu reeves, who is not of British 2014, the TV series got the casting right with the perfect mannerisms by Matt Ryan but failed to get a renewal by the network. From the inception of extended universe, DC has turned off the audience with its rush to jump off to the team-up projects without establishing the characters in their origin movies, unlike Marvel. With the failure to establish Constantine as a character in the past, it is a matter of concern whether the makers would get it right. Matt Ryan would also join the list of actors including Grant Gustin (CW Flash) and Stephen Amell (CW Green Arrow, though the arrow film is not yet announced) who are considered fit to carry on their characters on the silver screen but are left out to keep things simple. With the aforementioned downsides, only time would tell whether the Dark universe by DC would face the same fate as their previous movies.

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