5 Ridiculous Movie Myths You Still Believe Are True

Everyone knows that some facts are blended while filming movies. Even movies based on true stories have fudge things up a bit. Sometimes these things become “truth” and we start believing. Here are 5 movie myths that you think are true.

1) Laser Blasts are visible

For any Sci-fi movie, laser guns are the go-to weapons for the characters. They look cool and don’t require any ammunitions to be reloaded. The laser blasts are visible as shown in the movies, but if ever laser guns would be created in the real-world people wouldn’t be able to see the blasts.

2) Cops have to Read Miranda Rights

If you are familiar with any TV shows or movie that are obsessed with cops, then it’s very high probability that you might be aware of the Miranda Rights. The police officer has to say “You have the right to remain silent,” once they caught the accused and if they fail to do so then the criminal can go free on a technicality.

3) The Insanity Defense Works

When a character commits a murder in a movie, their lawyer tries to prove their insanity so the alleged criminal gets off free. The insanity defense is rarely used, only in less than one percent of all cases.

4) Explosions aren’t big deal


Several action movies showcase jaw-dropping explosions that shatter just about everything in its path – except the main protagonist. The hero will typically make a dashing escape by using the explosion. Explosions go through things, which would obviously kill somebody and end a film franchise.

5) Airplanes are easy to start

mission-impossible-rogue-nation-03 movie myths
Whenever the heroes need to make a quick getaway, there’s always an empty aircraft for them. All it takes is the flip of a couple of switches, and the plane can take off. But in real-life before flying a plane you need a huge checklist of things to go through.

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