4 Weirdest Ongoing TV Shows You Shouldn’t Miss

Reality shows get the highest TRP. Every one of us loves it because we assume that they are not scripted, it involves common people. Here are 4 weirdest TV shows which I am sure you don’t want to miss.

1) Dating Naked (2014-)

Dating Naked is an American reality dating show shown on VH1. This is probably not the show for the shy ones. This program strips if you will, all the complications of dating away. Each episode follows a man and a woman as they go to a paradise like location, once they are there they go on a series of dates with various people. Their suitors are completely naked throughout the whole date.

2) My strange Addiction (2010-)

My Strange Addiction is an American TV series that is being premiered on TLC. This shoe deals with people with unusual compulsive behavior. If you believe that addiction means only addicted to alcohol, drugs, or sex, then you are completely wrong. This show showcases all the most unusual addictions and dependencies that people have. Some are far odd like eating toilet and marrying a doll. Some are too dangerous like eating a glass and bleaching skin.

3)  My Big fat American Gypsy Wedding (2012-)

weirdest ongoing tv shows
This show is also known as Gypsy Brides US. This American show is a spin-off of Brtish shows Oh My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. It looks at the culture and tradition of the American Roma people. This show focused on their wedding ceremonies in particular. The show is full of odd moments and strange characters.

4) Naked and Afraid (2013-)

Discovery Channel shows

Naked and Afraid is an American reality show, showcased on the Discovery Channel. This show is completely different from Naked Dating. This is a documentary style reality TV series. Its contestants are completely naked and leave them in the wilderness, but it doesn’t focus on the romance. The idea here is that the contestants have to survive with no help, no clothes in the wild for 21 days.

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