4 EPIC Superheroes Who Were Totally Wasted in DC Movies

Presently it seems like DC films are having a hard time in delivering quality superhero movies. As Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad hit the big screens this year, the worldwide response was quite mixed, and as per the reviews, both failed to stand up to the expectations of the audience. When it is about superheroes, the audience just doesn’t want to lose any moment and always have high expectations in terms of story plots. And it appears that they are struggling to bring the superheroes effectively on big screens and showing a sign of mediocrity in the portrayal of most iconic superheroes and villains. Having said that, we bring you four superheroes that were totally wasted in the DC movies.

1. Green Lantern


2011’s Green Lantern movie was big time flop. The character was not perceived as expected. Ryan Reynolds played the character of Hal Jordan pretty well, but most fans were expecting the charter to be more like Hannibal King. He wears a power ring that enables him to have incomprehensible powers by harnessing willpower. The suit CGI suit looked quite horrible and the character was poorly written.

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