Does the Ghost Rider fit into the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Universe?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 3 over-promised but under-delivered, it was supposed to be based on popular comic series “Secret Warriors” but fell short of embracing it fully. The script tried to be ambitious, weaved elements of ancient history, iconography, anthropology, science all rolled into one but the end result was no great. The genesis of H.Y.D.R.A was revealed with insane twists and turns tumbling from all sides. It was created with a sole purpose to engineer return of its founder who was the first inhuman to have ever walked on earth, he was destined to rule but banished to another planet through a portal.


Recently, the show-makers announced big casting decision as the popular comic-book character Ghostrider is set to appear in season 4. The famous actor Gabriel Luna (Tony Bravo in Matador) has been cast to play the role. He will be the most recent incarnation of Ghost rider i.e Robbie Reyes instead of Johnny Blaze At the San-Diego Comic-Con, a tram was showcased which had a flaming chain, fans perceived it as a cue for Ghost rider. Recently, TVLine reported that one of the Latino brothers cast is described as “always the most dangerous person in the room” and the other is “paralyzed in a wheelchair”.


But the question on everyone’s mind is – How will Ghost rider really work in this close-knit universe? One argument is that Marvel needed a game-changer to sell season 4 of the show and this is a brilliant move as in humans have already been introduced into the show. Hence, he can be someone who may take the place of Lincoln who sacrificed himself to take down Hive (HYDRA God). On the other hand, a section of fans believes that this reeks of desperation and there is no synergy whatsoever between Ghost rider and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Also, he can’t be used in MCU now. Well…we will see…CHEERS!

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