Flash Season 3: An Important Character is Coming Back

The Flash Season 2 ended on a very satisfying note, brought a sense of closure on the Zoom’s storyline and created another universe-altering event which will set the foundation for the next season. In the last scene of the season, the Flash went back in time and actually saved his mother from Reverse Flash, in the process, he completely messed up the timeline. The season 3 will be about fixing the timeline and fighting a terrifying speedster (Black Racer) & a human villain (Dr. Alchemy).


The show makers have been teasing more gorilla action and even showed us the glimpse of gorilla city in season 2. In the episode titled “Gorilla warfare” Grodd came back into the Central city, used his mind control abilities to steal some brain enhancing drugs, then he kidnaps Caitlin Snow and asks her about his origins and to find a way to cure him. Finally, Flash regained his speed powers and pushed Grodd with his supersonic punch to be swallowed by the portal. He arrived at the Gorilla city of Earth-2, and he is likely to rise to power if the show decides to go the DC comics way.


In the latest trailer, we see Gorilla Grodd returning to the Flash in a bigger and stronger way. Andrew Kreisberg, the executive producer, confirmed that he is coming back but with an insane twist. He said “Yes…We are going to do a 2-part episode that takes place in Gorilla city”. But what will be the impact of Flashpoint on Gorilla Grodd storyline? Will he become an all-powerful creature hell-bent on destroying Central city? Is it possible that Gorilla city becomes part of Earth-1 due to Flashpoint? Is it going to be part of the main story? Well,…we will see but it’s definitely going to be very expensive for the studio in terms of CGI effects to shoot scenes with Gorilla Grodd in a Gorilla city. CHEERS!

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