7 Best Movies of 2016 so far

Till now there have been many releases, some of them have been up to the expectation of the people, while some of them failed to make their impact.  Here is the list of 7 best movies of 2016 so far which are up to the expectations of the audience.

1) Captain America: Civil War


Captain America: Civil War is an American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Captain America. The Russo brothers, Joe and Anthony, actually know how to get us caught up in the feud between the Cap (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr,) and bring in Marvel’s Avengers.

2) Deadpool

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) reacts to Colossus’ (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) threats.

Deadpool is an American superhero film directed by Tim Miller. It is based on the Marvel Comics character Deadpool. As Deadpool, a medical experiment gone wrong, he proves that a rogue superhero is a lot more fun with a mouth on him.

3) De Palma

“De Palma” is the documentaries on Hollywood. The movie feature-length interview with the controversial filmmaker responsible for “Carrie,” “Dressed to Kill,” “Blow Out,” “Scarface,” “The Untouchables” and “Femme Fatale”.

4) Everybody Wants Some


Everybody Wants Some!! is an American comedy film, written and directed by Richard Linklater, about college baseball players in 1980.

5) The Fits

The movie is about at an 11-year-old tomboy Toni who becomes entranced with a dance troupe. She struggles to fit in, then she found herself caught up in danger as the group begins to suffer from fainting spells and other violent fits.

6) Hail, Caesar

It is an American comedy film written, produced, edited and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. The film is about the real-life “fixer” Eddie Mannix (Brolin) working in the Hollywood film industry in the 1950s, who is trying to discover what happened to a cast member who vanishes during filming.

7) Love & Friendship


Love & Friendship is a comedy movie, written and directed by Whit Stillman. The film is about a woman Lady Susan who pursues the wealthy man Sir James for marriage originally for her daughter but ends up marrying him for purposes of wealth and profit.

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