Could Riri Williams pull off the mantle of Iron Man?

Recently, the news broke that at the end of comic-book title Civil War II, Tony Stark will be stepping out of his Iron man suit and a character named Riri Williams who is a black teenager will be taking over the mantle. She is a science prodigy who went to MIT on a scholarship at the age of 15, reverse-engineered Iron man suit in her dorm room and came to the attention of Tony Stark through an AI. Mike Deodato Jr., the co-creator, and artist behind Riri Williams revealed that the new female superhero is based on beautiful young actress Skai Jackson.

Tony Stark’s life is imploding as he came to know about the fact that Howard Stark is not his real father, Rhodey/ War Machine just died, Starks Industries is bankrupt, and his personal life is a train wreck. Moreover, he is not trusted by several members of Avengers particularly Captain Marvel.

But the biggest question is if the push does come to shove and Tony Stark relinquishes his Iron man suit to a teenage girl, Can she really handle it? It’s one thing to be a science genius, it’s another to fight super-villains and save the world. Many marvel fans are comparing this transition to Falcon donning the mantle of Captain America, but I totally disagree with them. Falcon is a trained fighter who was totally ready to be the successor, but she is a nerd who doesn’t know a thing about the real world. Can she fight Doctor Doom who is also announced as the Infamous Iron Man?  She broke her armor when she tried to take down a couple of criminals. She would have to demonstrate her mettle to win the trust and confidence of people, S.H.I.E.L.D, and the government.

Maybe, this is another bombshell from Marvel comics after Captain America Hail Hydra controversy or female Thor, and will soon be demystified in the subsequent issues. CHEERS!

Anuj Aggarwal

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