8 Grooming Habits That Men Love But Women Hate

Ask men and women to provide their thoughts on the subject of grooming and you’re bound to get two entirely different answers. Women tend to think of grooming as a tedious but necessary process that requires attention being paid to all aspects of the body from toenails to split ends. Men, on the other hand, tend to think of grooming as a shave and a cologne bath (the cheaper the cologne the better).

There’s no denying that to a certain extent how little grooming you can get away with is a function of your looks. That’s right. People are vain. They want to be with someone who’s a natural knockout and if that means overlooking a few details here and there so be it. Most of us mortals, however, especially men, would do well to pay as much attention to our own detailing as we do to our cars’. Below are 8 grooming habits men take for granted that women wish they wouldn’t.

1. Dirty Fingernails:

Most guys, especially ones who work with their hands, don’t give a lot of thought to having dirt under their nails. They wash their hands and that’s that. If there’s some dirt under the nails it’s no big deal. Sorry dude but it is a big deal. It’s gross. Remember; your hands aren’t clean if your nails are dirty.

2. Back Hair:

Now here’s one most guys never give a thought to. Ever. Why would they worry about something they never see? Well, think of it this way guys: if a woman had a hairy butt would it bother you? Wouldn’t you want her to go get it waxed or lasered or something even though she’ll never see it? Sure you would, just like she wants you to wax that carpet on your back.

3. Body Odor:

A lot of guys think smelling like ‘a man’ is a turn on. To some extent women say that’s true. What isn’t a turn on is when you smell like an old wet dog even when you’re well dressed. You say you took a shower, but a shower is only the flimsiest foundation on which to build good grooming. For God’s sake buy some deodorant and use it, every day.

4. Too Much Cologne:

The nose can take only so much Axe Body Spray. Even if you’re an Antaeus guy you need to keep the amount you use to a discrete minimum. Slathering on the cologne is not grooming, no matter what your buddies in the locker room might say. Cologne overload is not only hard to take from an olfactory standpoint, it also indicates a lack of taste.

5. Bad Breath:

What’s that you say? Did you brush your teeth? That’s nice but it may not constitute actual grooming because you see actual grooming implies working on something until it’s clean. If you brushed your teeth but your breath could kill a hyena, you need to take additional steps like flossing and mouthwash before you can declare the ‘grooming’ of your mouth complete.

6. Nose Hair:

Some guys take an all-over approach to grooming their face. They wash and shave and consider themselves pretty well groomed indeed. What they don’t pay particular attention to is the thorn bush hanging from their nostrils. Some say trimming nose hair is unnatural. Well, technically wiping yourself with toilet paper is “unnatural” but you do that, don’t you? Don’t you?

7. Bushy Eyebrows:

When Hollywood wants to make someone seem eccentric or otherwise unkempt they bust out the fake bushy eyebrows. Likewise, if you want to drive your date to distraction show up with a hedgerow above your eyes. Next time you’re at the barber ask them to subject your brows to a serious trim and leave the bushy eyebrows to the special effects

8. Dirty Clothes:

It’s cute that teenage boys sometimes wear the same thing day after day without caring if it’s clean. When adult males do it, however, it makes women question their judgment and maturity. You may think that dirty clothes are mainly, but they’re not. They’re dirty. Grow up and do a load of laundry.

For a lot of guys, the dividing line between adolescence and maturity is their approach to their own upkeep or grooming as it’s commonly called. It’s part of recognizing that there are other people in the world and that they have a right to sit next to you on the train without having to hold their nose. Do your partner a favor and look beyond the big picture to the grooming details. Everyone will be glad you did.

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