11 Different Avatars of Iron Man You Don’t Know About

Tales of Suspense #39 saw the first launch of Iron Man by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Larry Lieber, and Don Heck. 50 years down the line, Iron Man’s armor has been worn by many people apart from Tony Stark. The suit was made as an ultimate weapon of destruction when Tony Stark was captured by terrorists.  Here we have a list of people who have known to don Iron Man’s suit:

One of the most recent characters and the talk of the town to have donned iron Mans suit is Riri Williams. This former M.I.T student is smarter than you can think. Creating her own Iron Man suit with the components available in the campus, Riri was able to build the suit and wear it.

This 14-year-old girl whose known for communicating with squirrels known as Doreen Green Aka Squirrel Girl has donned Iron Mans suit when she steals the suit to travel to the moon and stop Galactus from devouring the earth.

Something that happened long back, the one-time rival of Tony Stark – Clarence Ward, stole the Iron Man armor suit and killed the entire board of Stark Industries including Tony Starks girlfriend. This led Tony annulling all military rights to the Iron Man armor and officially resigning as the Iron Man. However, he continued to operate in the suit secretly.

Deciding to get rich over-night, a criminal by nature Weasel Williams stole from Stark Industries. The steal consisted of Tony Starks Iron Man armor suit contained in a suitcase. Learning the likes of the suit, Weasel used it by going on a crime spree. The only way Tony Stark outran Weasel was to make his suit run out of battery before he could pull him down.

Working for Tony Star in Invincible Iron Man, Mary Jane Watson has also said to have donned the Iron man suit in a fight with Spiderman against Morlun, when Spider-man was her husband at that point of time.

Going back, we have seen Tony Stark in a long standing relation when it comes to Ultron. Using Ultron’s wife Jocasta to re-program his new armor, the armor went completely berserk before it was defeated by Tony Stark. The abandoned suit then grew attached to Ultron, who used it as his body.

A time-traveling conqueror, Kang is known to be Avengers oldest foes. With various identities to his name, he s also known as Iron Lad. He donned the suit of Iron Man to lead the Young Avengers. It was only later than Kang left Avengers and went back to his timeline leaving behind the suit.

Remember the time when James Rhodes helped to take down Ultimo, well, he wasn’t alone when he did this. He had a team of Iron Legion comprising of Happy Hogan, Bethany Cabe, Eddie March, Mike O’Brien, and Carl Walker who donned the Iron Man suit. Though it was a temporary phase, but it sure was successful in its mission.

We’ve had a chance to see the ever beautiful Pepper Potts also donned Iron man’s suit. In a terrorist attack, which led to the installation of her own arc reactor, Pepper did not hesitate to use the armors defensive skills against Iron Man.

The ever famous villain Green Goblin Norman Osborn, took over Tony Starks position as head of S.H.I.E.L.D, converting the agency to a police force known by the name of H.A.M.M.E.R. taking the opportunity Osburn took on Iron Man’s armor, painted it in a star-spangled color scheme and called himself Iron Patriot, leading a team of Dark Avengers comprising of Bullseye and Moonstone.

However, this did not last long as the real Avengers took over and defeated Osburn and his team of Dark Avengers.

Rhodey or James Rhodes, either name you use, he has always been alongside Tony Stark as a confidant, helping Tony to co-found the West Coast Avengers, James has been known to don the Iron Man suit more often than not. Sadly, we saw the last of Rhodey in Civil War II where he was killed.

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