7 Major Predictions for the Flash Season 3

The Flash Season 2 ended on a very satisfying note, brought a sense of closure on the Zoom’s storyline and created another universe-altering event which will set the foundation for the next season. In the last scene of the season, the Flash went back in time and actually saved his mother from Reverse Flash, in the process, he completely messed up the timeline. The season 3 will most likely be about fixing the timeline and Flash regaining his powers to fight a formidable foe.

Here are the major predictions for the season:



There are already ample hints now which could point to the possibility of a version of Flashpoint comic storyline (created by Geoff Johns) on the TV show. In fact, Carlos Valdes has confirmed that there would be a version of Flashpoint, he said at a convention “The show is going to honor the original chronology and the original lore while at the same time providing a new spin on it.”

Black Flash:

Black Flash

We saw when time wraiths carried Zoom through the portal, his body disintegrated and his physical appearance changed dramatically. His face turned eerily black which reminded us of Black Flash from the Geoff Johns comics. It’s quite possible that Zoom becomes the Black Flash, the agent of death.

Gorilla Grodd:

Gorilla Grodd

The show-makers have been teasing more gorilla action, and even showed us the gorilla city.

Trial of the Flash:

Trial of the Flash

It’s not very likely but possible, it’s a plot in the silver age comics when the Reverse Flash/Eobard Thawne was obsessed with Iris West, he threatened to kill her if he can’t have her, finally Barry Allen had to snap his neck, but then he had to stand for murder trial.

The real Jay Garrick will return:

The real Jay Garrick will return

Although he went to Earth-3 with the help of Prof. Harrison Wells (of Earth-2), he will come back to help Team Flash. He is also an important part of Justice Society of America.

Wally and Jesse:

Wally and Jesse

Both of them will become speedsters in the next season, Wally is going to be Kid Flash and Jesse will be Jesse Quick although they are not cast as series regulars.

Superflash Crossover:

Superflash Crossover

In the last season, Flash travelled to National city through multi-verse and helped Kara fight Silver Banshee. In the upcoming season, CW would like to bring Supergirl into the Central city and help Team Flash fight an adversary.

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