Is Rickon Stark a mere Pawn in the Battle for Winterfell?

Season 6 of Game of Thrones is satisfying us fans all over the world. Finally, the plots and theories are coming true and fans are rejoicing some epic moments. “You-Know-Who” is back and The Mother of Dragons has Dothraki by her side. Now, all that done, a major upshift is expected in North, which for some reasons isn’t forgotten. Finally, we got the feeling that the “North Actually Remembers”! Starks’ who have been at the receiving end for better part of the series are now finally getting together and ready to make a move on their home, Winterfell. Now, we all know a war is expected for Winterfell and Jon, Sansa, Ramsay and Little Finger will be central to it. A piece that doesn’t fit the equation in all this is the recently captured Rickon Stark.

At present, Ramsay holds Rickon Stark as leverage. Now, we know Ramsay will die. He will either be defeated by Jon or Little Finger or maybe both. But, if that happens, then Rickon becomes, Warden of the North. But, wait that isn’t justice. Now, since Rickon isn’t that an important character, he might die and Sansa will ascend to the North Throne. Sansa ruling Winterfell is more logical!

That said, Rickon is a “cute” character but he might soon bite the dust and who will do it? Most probable guess is Ramsay! But, just wait there, I am throwing a name, that may surprise us all. LITTLE FINGER…

Yes Little Finger might kill of Rickon. What does he stand to benefit? Little Finger is power-hungry and an excpetional politican. He has always favored Sansa and for him to actually gain something, he has all the reasons to kill Rickon and make Sansa the Warden, and try and marry her or may be not marry her. Little Finger feels he can control Sansa and this could give him the much needed control over North.

But, this is Game of Thrones, and how one is going to die, can’t actually be predicted accurately. That said, we all know “Chaos is a Ladder”! So, stay tuned…VALAR MORGHULIS

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