Game of Thrones S06: 4 Men Who May Ultimately Flay Ramsay Bolton

The latest episode titled “Book of the Stranger” has really pushed the narrative forward by a great deal. For the first time, we saw Peter Baelish/ Little finger making an appearance in season 6. He has totally brainwashed the son of Lady Arryn (Lord of the Vale) who agrees with him on everything. At Castle Black, we finally saw a reunion of Stark children when Sansa Stark suddenly arrived at the gates, while Jon Snow was about to leave and move south. The show did its own version of “Pink Letter” plot when Ramsay Bolton sent a letter to Jon Snow telling him about Rickon Stark, goading him for a fight and threatening him of dire consequences. Ramsay is clearly the new “Jofferey” who is too over-confident of his strength at Winterfell. He killed his own father who tried to instill some sense in him. But he turned out to be a mad dog who will be treated like one.

Here is the list of men who may ultimately crush him in season 6:

Jon Snow:

Jon Snow

He is clearly the favorite who will rise up, lead the wildlings army with the support from Northern houses loyal to the Starks. Sansa Stark persuaded him to fight for their home and retake Winterfell from the monster who has Rickon in his custody. Will he be able to avenge the wounds inflicted by the Boltons on his family? Only time will tell.


Little Finger:

Little Finger

He is a “wild card” in the Battle for the North, he has expressed his desire to be the “Warden of the North” when he met Cersei Lannister last season trying to pit the crown against the Boltons. He can very well pay heed to Sansa’s call to dethrone Ramsay Bolton by providing battle-tested knights of the Vale and kill Ramsay himself to get into the good books of Sansa.


Theon Greyjoy:

Theon Greyjoy

He has no purpose to live now, he has been robbed of his dignity and the only road to redemption for him is to kill the man responsible for taking away everything from him including the Seaston Chair. He has decided to support his sister Yara at the Kingsmoot.


Smalljon Umber:

Smalljon Umber

He has won the confidence of Ramsay Bolton by showing him deceased dire-wolf of Rickon Stark. But House Umber has always been the most loyal supporter of the Starks. It’s certainly possible that he is playing Ramsay and would probably betray him in the end. In fact, Rickon Stark may be the one to finish him off for good.


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