Not A Cliche After All

Alex Parrish might be the protagonist of the show. But anyone can be the hero! Thank God it’s not a typical show where the protagonist ends up saving the day all the time.

When Miranda demanded that Liam has to resign, didn’t anyone wonder why no action was taken against Parrish? This is something that was let off easily. It was really nerve-wracking to guess what Caleb was up to. The most popular assumption was that he might be planning something against Shelby. Good thing that was not the case. It is an enigma as to why her parents had gone to such great lengths to fake their death and stay in hiding. A plausible explanation is that they might be in great debt. But Shelby is very well off, so it must be something bigger than that.  When she first ran out of the classroom on seeing the picture, we presumed that she was mad at Caleb. It was bad timing, though. To run out to the woods exactly when they are under attack. It was selfless of Drew to go out there following Liam and to kill the attacker. As Liam said Drew’s instinct saved him.  What was even more surprising was that Will Olsen, the timid guy pegged to be an introvert, volunteered to search for Shelby. Imagine how Miranda would have felt when she realises that her own son was a part of the attack against Quantico. It was brave of Rinah to come back inside the house even after knowing that she may not make it out alive.  Too bad the situation was such that Miranda had to shoot Charlie. He could have just handed over the gun and she would have found a way to save him. Even if he survives it would be hell for him. He would be plagued by guilt. What Alex said to Ryan was not fair. She should, at least, try to make it work. He must have come there in high hopes of seeing her after so long and then she throws the bombshell. Once such things are done, it is difficult to come past them

In this episode, the major focus was what happened at Quantico rather than the present. Too bad Simon was not able to decipher the mechanic voice. A lot is resting on his shoulders. We must have been holding our breaths when Alex tried to get closer to the Senator.  It was an eye bulging moment when Hannah asked Alex to hand over the bottle of tablets. For a second, we thought, ‘wow! That was easy’. Of course, nothing is that simple in Quantico.  It was sad to see Alex so panicked as she  failed to do what the attackers said. Not knowing which of her friends might be next. When Hannah knocked on the door, we were never more grateful for her appearance. Eagerly waiting for her reaction on hearing Alex’s side of the story.

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