Legends of Tomorrow: 5 Major DC Comics Eastereggs


The latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow focused entirely on the fractured relationship between Captain Cold and Heat Wave, signaling the fact that Snart is moving towards his Citizen Cold arc from the comics where he is actually a hero protecting lives, whereas Heat Wave went rogue and sold out his team to Time Pirates in exchange for his safe return to January 2016 Central city. In the end, Captain Cold seemingly killed his partner or left him marooned, as he became a liability to the whole team.

Following are the major DC comics references used in the episode:


Kanjar Ro:

He is a space pirate and smuggler who was hired by Manhunter Robots to frame John Stewart/ Green Lantern. He is working from the backside of Milky Way galaxy, he raided Myrtha quadrant and was stopped by Gibbles, Batman and new Blue Beetle (Jaimes Reyes). The title of the story where he appeared was “Slave ship of space”.

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