5 Gruesome Deaths in The Walking Dead That Fans Cheered


If there’s one show that has truly defeated Game Of Thrones in “Shocking Deaths”, it’s The Walking Dead. There is constant fear among fans of their favorite character dying. What scares them more is the gruesome nature of deaths in the show, from simply being shot in the head, to being ripped open by walkers. However despite the gore, some deaths have managed to make the fans cheerful and happy.

{Major SPOILERS, Do not Read if you haven’t caught up with the show


In the beginning of the show, Andrea appears like an impeccably sensible character. We sympathize with her when her sister passes on, we cheer as she figures out how to shoot and kick ass and want her to take on as many walkers as she can. But then she meets the Governor and goes ape-shit crazy.
A man who is Insane enough to have zombie heads in his personal aquarium, and a dead daughter bound to chains in the back of the room somehow convinces her to turn on her friends. Therefore, it isn’t much of a surprise when the governor ties her to a chair and leaves her in a room with a walker. She eventually gets bit and later shoots herself. Fans cheer her death with the explanation “She accidentally shot Daryl, she should’ve been killed right then”


Perhaps one of the most hated characters in the latest seasons, Nicholas is hell-bent on killing Glenn, and Glenn is hell-bent on letting him do so. Nicholas is not a primary character in the show and frankly, doesn’t deserve to be one. He manages to chicken out in the worst possible times resulting in Noah’s death in the most brutal manner right in front of Glenn. In fact the only productive thing he does is right before his death. Trapped with Glenn on a high bin with walkers surrounding them from all sides, he shoots himself right in the head and dives on Glenn as they both fall down. Granted, this death horrified viewers at first but it later turned out to be a silver lining because Glenn survives and Nicholas dies. Even though Glenn forgave him for killing Noah, Fans of the show did not, and they whole-heartedly cheered his death.


Gareth was destined to be hated ever since he appeared. After a whole season of looking for Terminus, all Rick and his crew find is a maniac cannibal ready to decapitate them. Rick swears he will kill him with the Red-handle axe, and he keeps his promise quite beautifully. Even though Gareth appeals to the good in Rick begging for forgiveness, Rick slashes him with the axe over and over again with the blood splattering all over his face. This death is not only cheered because Gareth died, but also because the show’s creators kept their promise of giving us a more brutal and hard-core Rick which we had been asking for the longest time.


Unlike all others on this list, Lori’s death wasn’t cheered because she was on the villain’s side, but because she was SO GOD-DAMN irritating. Perhaps one of the most hated characters of any show ever; the fans have despised her stupid mistakes all from hooking up with Shane to crashing the car in an empty road.
Thus, even though her death was one of the most emotionally impacting, with being shot by her own son after giving birth to a baby, her death was cheered among fans. Little did they know that she was planning to hang around in Rick’s dream to irritate both him and them for the rest of the season.


The reason for cheering Joe’s death was different from others on this list. His death wasn’t cheered because he was big villain or the fans hated him for being too dumb. His death was cheered because of the sheer fashion in which it happened. As discussed previously, Fans had always wanted a more brutal and bad-ass Rick and Gareth’s death was only a start of it. Rick personifies the dialogue “willing to go that far” when he kills Joe by simply chewing his neck off! As gruesome as this was, it was a massive “This is Awesome” moment for fans. It showed two things; how much Rick could do for his family and how small groups like Joe’s weren’t a match for Rick and the group anymore.

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