4 Reasons Why you Should Trek or Hike…


That “something” always comes up and your travel plans get shifted to some other date in the calendar. Once again that bright-red circled date gets a bland black cross and we are left with a dream of an endless number of beautiful days to be spent in the ‘future’!

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the money we save for those most cherished events vanishes in a psychologist therapy-room. But the truth is that Nature is cheaper than therapy and here are 4 reasons to tell you why you must go trekking/ hiking/ backpacking!

Caution: While exploring the surrounding you might discover a new you!



Hiking is a mini version of trekking …shorter and simpler. Hiking or trekking has both physical and mental health benefits. It allows us to test one’s stamina and endurance level. You can explore many interesting things in the surrounding walking, running, jumping, climbing etc unlike in a gym where the treadmill leads you nowhere. It’s like an interval cardio training where you walk in the daytime and rest in the evening. This helps in the whole body workout which in turn improves the health quite significantly.




While trekking or hiking there is just this one thing in the mind…to reach the end point. Surely your mind is all preoccupied in walking and minding those steps that pleasure-eating is almost forgotten. Also the unpolluted air cleanses the lungs. The physical activities eventually help shed the doughnut around the waist!



As you walk or trek all you can hear is your footsteps and Nature plays calming background music. The daily hum-drums of the city life get paused for a moment and one can enjoy some peace of mind. Some distance from the day-to-day troubles can make them seem so small that you are able to tackle them quite efficiently with a clear and refreshed mind.

Get in touch with the Nature…explore the wilderness, you won’t regret it.



Apart from the health benefits, one can get exposures to diverse cultures of some of the remote locations on the globe. “While trekking, one would come across language barriers, and the resourceful ones among them will by the end of tour even manage to overcome these barriers which would be nothing less than victory of the human spirit.

Some villagers might behave with hostility towards the travelers, so it is important to not do things that may touch their sentiments and always be polite and diplomatic. But they constitute only a very small fraction of the villagers, who otherwise are very accommodating and warm always eager to help the traveler.

India is culturally diverse, trekking in the different terrains dotting across its vast area would give you an idea just how diverse and unique they are from one another. You can in fact do a case study as well on the different tribes and communities inhabiting there!” (Credits: trekkingindia).

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