Here’s Why Night King Should Win The Great War For The Dawn!

Everyone is now waiting to see Night King and giant white-walkers crossing the wall and invading Westeros. In the last episode, we saw magnificent seven comprising of John Snow, Jorah Mormont, Gendry Baratheon, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, The Hound and Tormund embarked on a daring mission to capture a wight and show it as a proof to the Lords of Westeros that the army of the dead is real and is coming to destroy everything and kill everyone in their path. This calls for setting aside our personal differences and joins forces to fight a larger threat.

Till now if you are not a fan of “Song of Ice and Fire” books, you don’t know much about the powers of white walkers, their motives and the god they worship “The Great Other”.

In the show till now, we have never seen White Walkers talking with each other, in the George R.R Martin’s Song of Ice & Fire Books they do have a language, it’s called “Skroth” which means cracking of ice. Maybe we will finally learn more about their language and culture.

The crew that had shot the “Hardhome” episode in the season 5 returned to shoot another big battle sequence at the East-watch. In fact, there is a separate technical team comprised of action choreographers, cinematographers, cameramen etc. who are responsible for presenting white walkers onscreen in the best possible way.

The Night King and his horde of white-walkers were on one side and Daenerys and her dragons on the other. Dany shrugged of Tyrion’s advice once again and went to rescue Jon and his team which was trapped on a floating lake with thousands of undead surrounding them.

She came riding on her Dragon and took another along with her. But Night King shot Viserion with a pointed ice dart that killed him. For the first time, Dany had her defenses broken and she had to leave Jon behind to save others.

Beric pointed out that the entire army of the dead is only as good as the Night King, if we can take him down, the threat will be eliminated as he converted all of them.

He is right as not every white-walker has necromancy abilities, but Night’s King has the power to raise the dead and add it to his army of white-walkers, as they come closer to the Wall he would have raised by the thousands and built a giant army. We will see this army in the season 8.

It’s very much possible that horde of White-walkers led by Night’s King crush whosoever comes on their way, march to the Wall and may even bring it down in the season’s finale. The theory is that as Bran has been marked by the Night’s King if he crossed the wall, white walkers will break the enchantment and be able to do cross the wall. They have a massive army of the dead, giants, polar bears, spiders and now a dragon too.

But who is Night King? What does he want to accomplish? Does he want to just destroy everything? We know that Night King was created by Children of the forest who wanted to get rid of men, but instead, white walkers became a terrifying threat which compelled children and men to bury their differences to come together against a common enemy.

In the carvings and drawings at Dragon Stone mines, Jon told Dany about the ancient feud and how they need to come together as the winter has arrived.

Night king

The day the Night King was born, it is known as “land of always winter”. He exists through the magic of the children, connected through spirals which explain why Night King is transfixed by that symbol. He has been trapped for 8000 years in the frozen wasteland with no real purpose in life is an endless loop of agony.

On one hand, he wants to avenge the terrible horrors caused by the children, on the other he wants to come out of this nightmare. When he ends their bloodline, it will end their magic and it will be the end of prolonged suffering for white walkers.

If Bran is indeed the Night King, then Jon Snow will have to kill one of his own to win the war for the dawn. Can he really do it?

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