8 Bollywood Movies That Aptly Define Bromance in India.

When it comes to Romance v/s “Bromance,” most of us would go for Bromance, hands down. And for that, I think we’d go with the “Hangover’”series than the “Twilight Saga” (no offence). And we have Sholay in the Hindi film industry that still continues to remain a classic. But keeping Hollywood aside, here’s my list of the top 8 Bollywood movies that perfectly depict Bromance in India.

1)Dil Chahta Hai


Released in 2000, this movie continues to be on the radar for the coming-of-age Bollywood flicks. Directed by Farhan Akhtar, this Aamir Khan starrer is a cult movie that managed to carve a niche for itself. It’s got all the elements of bromance you could wish for – road trip, discotheque and girlfriend bashing.


2) Pyaar ka Punchnama


This movie, in my personal opinion, is the penultimate of “bros before hoes.” Three not so happy-go-lucky guys who share an apartment, hang out together and pull each others’ legs (sometimes towels) and look out for each other. It is an audio-visual version of the bible for Bromance. No wonder its sequel is the most awaited movie of the season.


3) Rock on


This movie gave some of the best music to the Hindi film industry. Another Farhan Akhtar starrer, this flick strikes a wonderful chord with the young.  What could be more fun than getting together with your college buddies and let music do most of the talking!


4) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


This could probably be every bachelor’s fantasy to go abroad on a road trip with their buddies and try all sorts of adventurous/crazy shit they would like to. Throw in some classic Zoya moments of ‘silence is better than words’ with some amazing poetry recited by the other Akhtar progeny and you’ve found your bliss.


5) 3 Idiots


It’s just not possible that we don’t have this movie on the radar for the most Bromantic bollywood movies. And why not, for it was this movie that taught us that “dosti insaan ka sabse bada ‘stan’ hota hai.”


6) Haseena maan jayegi


Just the fact that it’s got Govinda, with his unique dance form is enough to evoke your childhood memories. With Govinda and Sanjay Dutt together as brothers, it had all the elements of the ultimate 90s movie.


7) Dostana


I’m talking about the latest one, the Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham Starrer. Clearly, it is one movie that contained a little too much of romance in bromance. A fun ride to watch and be a part of. And honestly, it is one of those movies where you can endure Abhishek Bachchan’s presence because you have John to gawk at.

8) Andaz Apna Apna


Yet another cult success of the Hindi film Industry. What’s more amazing that Salman Khan and Aamir Khan may not have worked together on any more films after that, but they certainly have preserved their friendship over the years, something that’s extremely unusual in the industry of pitfalls.

So, there is my list of the most iconic movies that the majority of us relate to. I guess it’s time to revisit some of them and relive the Bromance again.



Shruti Sharma

A student of English Literature at the Delhi University, Shruti is a diehard fan of Hugh Laurie, J.K. Rowling, Khaled Hosseini and Robert Downey Jr. Passionate about food, books, movies and sitcoms, this Potterhead has found her niche in creative writing and plans to go places.
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