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    5 Indian Movies That Will Make You Like Lesbian Love-Making

    Lesbianism and gay relationships have been a taboo subject for the mainstream Indian mindset. However, directors across India have not avoided the subject, as we come across an array of good movies made on the topic. Here are the top 5 Indian Lesbian Movies that you can watch today: 1. Fire (1996) Set in a small Indian house, this movie…

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    8 Bollywood Movies That Aptly Define Bromance in India.

    When it comes to Romance v/s “Bromance,” most of us would go for Bromance, hands down. And for that, I think we’d go with the “Hangover’”series than the “Twilight Saga” (no offence). And we have Sholay in the Hindi film industry that still continues to remain a classic. But keeping Hollywood aside, here’s my list of the top 8 Bollywood…

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