Five Reasons to Watch Salman Bhai’s : Bajrangi Bhaijaan

The most awaited movie for Bhai fans has hit the theatres. Weekend bonanza and Eid gift, a retreat for the citizens all over the world. Every year on Eid, Salman Khan releases one of his movies as a gift to his fans. This year is no different, in a day the movie has done a business of US $ 5.1 million. Of course, this is a Bhai movie but it is different from the others. “Ek baar jo maine commitment kar li, uske baad toh main apne aap ki bhi nai sunta”, there are no cheesy dialogues like this to glue the spectators. There is no Chulbul Pandey dance, accompanied by the dialogue “Hum tum mein itne ched karenge ki confusiya jaoge”. There are no unnecessary stunts like that of the movie Kick. This Eid Bhai has something special in his platter. On this Friday release- Bajrangi Bhaijaan has hit the theatre. Huge rush has been witnessed in these two days.

Here are the five reasons why you should go and watch this Salman Bhai’s movie.For the first time, Salman’s movie has got the right ingredients in it. The fabulous cast that adds glamour to the movie. The lost girl, Shaheeda around which the story revolves is the cutest child actress ever. Kareena Kapoor Khan is looking marvellous in the Delhi look, her chinkari suits are a visual treat for the ladies.

The entry of Bajraang bali and Bajraangi Bhaijaan is epic. The bajrang bali locket hanging from the neck and the chants of “Jai Jai Bajraang bali”. At this point, the crowd emerges as joyous and roars aloud. Finally “Chand ka dedar hua”, Salman Khan looks simple and innocent in his get-up. No cheesy lines, no out of order dance steps. It is the innocence that would grab your attention in the movie.

The kids in the movie just stole the show. Be it the small kindergarten Pavan or be it the impaired Shaheeda or the boy who played Kareena’s brother. The movie is filled with the innocence factor. The scene where the little Pavan gets ticklish, during the kushti Or the scene where the little brother counts how may paranthas Pavan ate. The scene where the little girl refuses to leave the chicken piece runs back to the biryani again and again.

The emotional background of the movie, where every heart melts to the effort of Pavan. The opening of gates of the Wagah Border, so that train can enter the other side would definitely give you goose bumps. The point where Pavan refuses to lie as he is a deity of Bajrang bali. The promise that he makes to help a child return home. The simple guy, who is an angel for the little girl saved her for all the calamities. It gives us a lesson that irrespective of the person’s religion, caste or creed, we should lend a hand in hardship. An Indian helping a Pakistani, a rare story but yes I hope this would bridge the long lasting gap between the two nations. The scene where the people march towards the border to set Pavan free.

Another wow element of the movie, Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The humour was enhanced in the movie by the presence of this fine artist. “Nazaqat se chale begum”, this was the ROFL dialogue that he said to the burkah wrapped Bajraangi Bhaijaan. The effort that a struggling reporter makes to help out an Indian is heart-warming.

A few more punch lines in the movie… I am sure some Bhai fans will return teary-eyed, but yes this is not any ordinary Bhai movie. I am sure this movie would be loved by Salman fans as well as non-Salman fans.

With love from a Non-Salman Fan.

Nidhi Srivastava

Reader, Travel blogger and a Budding writer. She lives with a dream of becoming a world renowned writer one day.
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