WandaVision 6th episode

  • TelevisionWandaVision Ultron Is Disguised

    WandaVision Theory: Ultron Is Disguised In Plain Sight

    In the past few weeks, Marvel’s latest television series arc has become the topic of debate on Twitter. With the role out of the 6th Episode, the WandaVision arc seems to be gaining momentum and might soon showcase the puppet master in full display. The series revolves around the post Endgame events which see the Avengers take a heavy hit…

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  • TelevisionWho Is Trying To Steal Wanda’s Powers?

    WandaVision: Who Is Trying To Steal Wanda’s Powers?

    In the latest 6th episode of the WandaVision arc, we are welcomed to the extent to which Wanda has been radiating the Chaos Magic coupled with her Hex contingents in place. We see the arrival of Pietro Maximoff also known as the Quicksilver make an appearance on Wanda’s front door. The WandaVision arc is delving deeper into the plot and…

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