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    The Predator – Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Have a Cameo?

    The original Predator (1987) is surely one of the best Action, Thriller, Horror movies till the date. It would do well even if the studios decided to re-release it in theatres today as it has aged really well. The movie was full of iconic one-liners which are still in use, and this was one of those movies where Arnold really…

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    The Predator Is Getting Creepier And Mysterious!

    The film world is always filled with mysteries and unexpected happenings. Something like that is happening to Shane Black right now. The first Predator was released in the year 1987 and Shane Black played the role of Hawkins in it. Now the same Shane Black is going to direct the next movie in the Predator franchise, “The Predator” which will…

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