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  • CelebsActors Almost Featured In Awful Movies

    10 Famous Actors Who Almost Featured In Awful Movies

    Hollywood’s “scheduling conflicts” often make it to the entertainment gossip section because it is well established that it is nothing but an excuse to bail out of a bad film. It is fun to read about the same excuses which roughly translate to “sorry I will be busy moisturizing my face”. Here’s a list of actors who almost starred in…

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  • MoviesCelebs Apologized For Their Movies

    12 Hollywood Celebs Who Apologized For Their Movies and Series

    You will rarely get an apology out of wealthy and powerful entities of Hollywood. Most of them are inflated with pride and ego and hell-bent on bringing one another down during goof ups. But some celebs have managed to keep their souls clean and down-to-earth in the show business where pride is infectious. Believe your eyes and ears when you…

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