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    What is Tony Stark’s role in Spiderman: Homecoming?

    Marvel Studios and Sony announced their collaboration for launching a new Spiderman franchise. The arrangement between the two studios is unique – Marvel pushes the creative leads while Sony decides to permit or reject it. In the new franchise, the popular actor Tom Holland has been cast as Peter Parker/Spiderman, who was taken in by Tony Stark/Iron Man to fight…

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    Can Sony Get Its Act Together on Venom Spin-off Movie?

    A few days ago Sony studio made an announcement that a standalone Venom movie has been green-lit, it’s in the pre-production stage at present. The character of Venom has featured in the past Spiderman trilogy directed by Sam Raimi, but it seemed rushed and shoddy. Sam Raimi confessed the fact that he never wanted Venom in the last installment but…

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