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    Iconic Hollywood Movies That Are Remakes of Foreign Films

    Hollywood Movies Remakes of Foreign Films: Hollywood has bestowed us with numerous great movies that we didn’t know were taken from other countries. Once an unpopular original movie comes under a big production house, it is no surprise that the remake gets more critical and commercial success for the heavy budget, star cast, and marketing. Even A-List directors like Christopher…

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    10 Original Actor Appearances in Remakes

    Look closely and you might have seen them doing a couple of familiar roles. Here is the list of top 10 actors who played their role so perfectly that it is hard to find a replacement for them. 10) Micheal Caine in “Get Carter” Caine played the lead in Get Carter (1971), a British gangster film. The story is about a…

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    3 Movies Which Need A Remake

    Most of the directors are busy with remaking some of the best movies out there and we all very well know what the results would be. Spoiling the name of the original film has become a common thing now. It would be great and appreciable if any of these directors would come up and remake a movie which could be…

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