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    You Will Not Believe What Jennifer Lawrence Did For The First Time In The Movie Passengers

    It may be the movie combination that every fanboy can dream of X-Men’s Mystic and Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Peter Quill travelling together through space and time, in a highly drama induced film. Okay, it’s not exactly Mystic and Starlord but that got your attention, right? Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are set to star in one of…

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    First official images of “Passengers” released

    The first official images of “Passengers (2016)”, one of the most anticipated films have arrived. It is an original sci-fi story from Prometheus screenwriter Jon Spaihts. Entertainment Weekly released the two stills in which Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt can be seen in his space suit while having a conversation with Lawrence’s Aurora Dunn. “I honestly couldn’t ask for a…

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