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    3 Important Features missing from OnePlus 2

    OnePlus launched OnePlus One last year and it immediately won the hearts of Android users. It was a geek’s dream as it ran CyanogenMod, had killer specs and was priced at a modest $299. Does their latest device OnePlus 2 live up to its predecessor? The Chinese company unveiled their latest flagship device OnePlus 2 for $329. Given its specs…

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    OnePlus 2 with Hydrogen OS: Coming Soon!

    OnePlus One, the flagship killer which launched last year is finally getting a successor which the company calls ‘OnePlus Two’. OnePlus confirmed the name when they launched the Photo Mania contest on their forum. We were expecting the phone to launch in the third quarter of 2015, but recently the Chinese website, the phone will be launched in the…

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