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    20 Upcoming Major Netflix Original Movies We’re Eagerly Waiting For

    Upcoming Major Netflix Original Movies: Netflix has been surprising us and keeping us very satisfied in recent times. And it is great to see that they’re not just launching new original TV shows, but they’re doing extremely well with their films as well. 3 of their 2020 movies were among the 10 most-watched Netflix films of all time. Then there…

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    15 Netflix Original Movies You Should Watch Before You Die

    It seems we are now many years eliminated from the halcyon days of Netflix’s robust movie streaming library. But even to this time, the Company’s digital catalog still continues to shrink and shrink. But, Netflix had 6,494 movies and 1,609 shows in its U.S. catalog in January 2014 and you can only imagine how much new and great movies they’ve…

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