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    We May Have Missed Doctor Octopus in the Morbius Trailer

    Doctor Octopus in the Morbius Trailer: The Morbius trailer has revealed a bunch of new aspects which might be confusing for many MCU fans. Throughout the trailer, we got connections to the MCU which people were not expecting. Instead, we were assuming that the trailer would connect to Venom somehow. But that didn’t happen. This brought us to a conclusion…

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    Like Venom, Morbius Trailer Has Also Spoiled Its Ending

    The Morbius trailer is much better than anyone would’ve anticipated it to be. Yes the film has a certain X-Factor element in it as the fans could be really surprised once it hits the theatres. You have to give credit to Sony & Jared Leto. The film is more than 6 months away, so there’s probably a lot of work…

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