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  • HollywoodBiggest Celebrity Fights From the 2000s

    10 Biggest Celebrity Fights From The 2000s We Will Never Forget

    Hollywood has seen new seasons and trends arrive and leave over the years. One such period was the 2000s that saw the rise of many celebs that may not be on the top anymore. However, their juicy gossips and scandals will stay with Hollywood forever. In fact, the 2000s has witnessed some of the hottest feuds between big-time personalities. Celebrity…

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  • Movies

    Anthony Mackie Suggests Kristen Stewart Should Be the LGBTQ Captain America

    Kristen Stewart Be the LGBTQ Captain America: The MCU is really taking major strides towards diversity. Yes, it should have happened in a much bigger way from Phase 2 itself, but then again, Marvel did the right thing establishing their brand all over the world. When the audience started to trust them big time, they took no time in pushing…

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    11 Hottest Images Of Twilight Cast Members

    Twilight movies are based on best-selling YA novels by the same title written by bestselling author Stephenie Meyer. The movies were more corny and outlandish while books were more balanced. Here’re some amazing pictures of your favorite characters. 1.┬áKristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner2. Anna Kendrick (Jessica Stanley) 3. Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) 4.┬áDakota Fanning (Jane) 5.┬áRobert Pattinson, and…

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