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    Ms. Marvel Will Introduce Us to More Inhuman Characters

    Ms. Marvel Introduce Inhuman Characters:  Marvel is bringing us so many different factions among from their massive roster after having acquired all the Fox Marvel heroes. While people are focused on the Mutants and the Fantastic Four, very few people are actually talking about the other superhero groups that are coming into the MCU as well. The first superhero group…

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    Here’s How Black Bolt Will Communicate In Marvels Inhumans Series

    Black Bolt, better known as the king of the Inhumans, has a way with words in that he could level a city by simply whispering. How does then the silent king make his will known to his people? Anson Mount, the actor who will star as Black Bolt in Marvel’s Inhumans, has confirmed that Black Bolt will communicate using a form…

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