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    Justice League Snyder-Cut Honest Trailer Trolls Every Useless Member

    The DC Extended Universe and Warner Bros. got their spark back with Zack Snyder’s Justice League. This four-hour mini-series is solely representing Snyder’s vision and revamped the entire Justice League. Not only the heroes, but the villains have also been made more devious, with the introduction of the immortal Darkseid. His huge army of Parademons, his right hand DeSaad, and…

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    The Honest Trailer for Joker is as Epic as The Movie Itself

    Joker turned out to be a record breaking outing of 2019. It was surely among top 3 films of 2019. It wasn’t your typical comic book movie and the following Honest Trailer tells us exactly that. Screen Junkies have finally delivered an Honest Trailer for Joker. Here, watch it if you haven’t: Certain elements in the trailer were absolutely genius!…

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  • MoviesSpider-Man Far From Home Gets Honest Trailer

    Spider-Man: Far From Home Gets its Own Honest Trailer

    Spider-Man Far From Home Gets Honest Trailer: In the situation that Spider-Man was just a little while back, we were all a bit worried about him. Some people were happy for him to be leaving the MCU since they didn’t like Marvel cramming the rest of the MCU connections in the Spider-Man movie. But most of us lost interest because…

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