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    The Fourth Season of Vikings Approaches!

    The fourth season of the Canadian-Irish historical drama television series “Vikings” is set to premiere on February 18, 2016 on the History Channel in Canada and in the United States. The season will consist of a double order of 20 episodes, which are to be split into two parts of 10 episodes, with the second half set to air later in 2016. Filmed in…

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    Five Ancient Epics that Teach us Important Virtues of Life

        EPIC OF GILGAMESH It is an ancient epic from Mesopotamia. Dating from 2100 BC, it is regarded as first great work of literature. It follows the story of Gilgamesh, king of Uruk. The first half of story discusses Gilgamesh and Enkidu, a wild man created by Gods to stop Gilgamesh from oppressing his subjects. After an initial fight…

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    4 Famous Quotes Attributed To Famous Personalities

    VENI, VIDI, VICI It is translated as “I came, I saw, I conquered”. It is a Latin phrase, popularly attributed to Julius Caesar. He is supposed to have used it in a letter to Roman Senate around 46 BC after he had defeated Pharnaces II of Pontus at the Battle of Zela. According to historians like Plutarch and Suetonius, Caesar…

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    10 Ways Fashion Has Changed Through Decades

      This period was also known as “The rise of haute couture”. Skirts brushed on the floor, often with a train, even for day dresses was the general fashion style for women in this period. The fashionable silhouette in the early 1900’s was that of a confident woman, with full low chest and curvy hips. If they had the look…

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    7 Ancient Cities of Delhi You Must Know About

    Delhi, the capital of India, the nation`s heart has remained a historically important city.  It has been the most important city in the country for the greatest part of its history. Legend holds that this was the place where the ancient city of Pandavas, Indraprastha, was established. The area has shown signs of inhabitation from the Maurya period. However, the…

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    4 Ancient River Valley Civilizations

    In the ancient times, long before the dawn of the civilizations, human beings roamed the land as hunters and nomads, before settling down to agriculture and other activities and setting up proper civilizations. The ideal location for such civilizations were always river sides ,due the abundant availability of water as well as arable land. Four such civilizations were set up…

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    3 Powerful Women in History: The Fashion Icon, The Researcher and The Feminist Activist

    History is our witness that many women have tried to take attitude in a men’s world…and succeeding. World has changed during the centuries, on the account of these women (and also on the account of many men), therefore, they have to be remembered and seen as an example of boldness and ambitious for the generations to come. Coco Chanel “I…

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    5 of the Earliest Musical Instruments ever Discovered

    It’s hard to trace music on its historical origins. With no physical evidence, you don’t have proof that something existed and if it did, in what form. However, we have instruments as our starting point and historians as our guides on the path of discovering how our ancestors from a far too distant past understood music. Most of the case…

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