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  • HollywoodActors Crazy Sacrifices For Roles

    10 Actors Who Made Crazy Sacrifices For Their Roles

    In the movie industry, several actors have worked on several different projects, across several decades. But of all these performers, some have left a mark in the film industry, to an extent that they are even spoken about to this day. These acts may include winning one or multiple Oscars or a particular act, which made the actor and the…

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  • HollywoodActors Favorite Movie Roles

    10 Actors Who Revealed Their Favorite Movie Roles

    We often associate actors with their best performances. Their breakthrough roles or popular characters always come up when their names are taken. Fans and audience will always see Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark aka Iron Man and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson from “Titanic” or Jordan Belfort from “The Wolf of Wall Street”. But what about the actors? Most…

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  • Movies2020 Movies Actors Deserve Oscar

    10 Actors From 2020 Movies Who Deserve To Be Oscar Nominated

    As 2021 begins, it is time to move ahead and also review the past. From our personal growth to career to the world news, a lot of things are considered when we analyze the previous year. Similarly, the time has also arrived for analyzing the best actors and movie performances. These are the best in a lot of categories, including…

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