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  • FootballPhoto of Dream a Little Dream: 90+1

    Dream a Little Dream: 90+1

    I stood there till the game got over.This was like having the ‘best seat in the house’ where I could actually hear what the manager  was saying,what the players were doing and what did the managers talk about during the games.It was fantastic.I had always mimicked the manager’s pep talk at half time/full time whenever I played football manager and…

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  • FootballPhoto of Holding On: 90+1

    Holding On: 90+1

    “Hello?” I answered my phone that had gone off 50 times since I left the office building quitting my job so unceremoniously. It was Chandni and she wanted to meet me for some quick coffee. I hadn’t told her of my dramatic exit but now was the time. “Hi!” She exclaimed as she saw me. She looked stunning, as usual.…

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  • FootballPhoto of Alive Again: 90+1

    Alive Again: 90+1

    Ever felt like a complete stranger when you wake up and look yourself in the mirror? I have. I was a stranger to myself every morning, a stranger who succumbed to the high expectations of our ‘society’. The stranger who ran away from reality, the reality being- I didn’t want a nine-to-five job with Saturdays off. I wanted to live…

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