Erotic Thrillers

  • 8 Sexiest Actresses Who Have Appeared In Sensual Thrillers

    Eroticism has been explored in world cinema in all its beauty and torment. In Hollywood, gone are the days when women are just arm-candies of male characters hanging around, now they are bold, provocative and seduce men (sometimes women). Here’s a list of 8 seductive women who have featured in sensual thrillers: Amanda Seyfried, Chloe: The movie depicts the dark…

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    10 Sexiest Thrillers Which Won’t Let You Sleep All Night

    Who doesn’t love a thriller and when it is erotic all the more reason to watch it. Today we have compiled a list of such erotic thrillers that are going to blow you away. Catch the list now: Fatal Attraction (1987) Michael Douglas at his best, along with Glenn Close who is looking sultry hot in her dresses. Once you…

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