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    4 Things to Know About Dengue

    The kachhua chhaap with its choking capabilities has found its way back in our homes with the dengue season here. Many cases have been reported just in the last couple of days and the number is on the rise at a dangerous rate. I’m sure y’all already know the causes, symptoms and preventions. But these are a few things I…

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  • Newssummer-sun-health-problems

    3 Health Problems Specific to Summer Times

    Summer isn’t all fun and games. When temperatures are rising and the sun gets more powerful by the minute, health problems can occur and vacations can be ruined. However, you can prevent this from happening by following some general rules that can keep you away from heat-strokes, food poisonings and sunburns. Heat-stroke Normally, your body has it’s natural mechanisms of adapting…

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  • SocietyWorst Epidemics the World Has Ever Encountered

    5 Of The World’s Worst Epidemics In History

    Certain moments in history actually make us think about the world we live in today and feel great about it. Why? Because back in the days, epidemics broke through, some of them from nowhere and all of a sudden half of your country’s population was wiped out from existence. Centuries ago, medicine was brought to it’s knees by fearsome epidemics…

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